What is Cyber Security

Niroshan Pushparaj
1 min readMay 31, 2021


Security is freedom from, or resilience against, potential harm caused by others. Cyber security refers to the security of computer devices such as computers and smartphones, as well as computer networks such as private and public networks and the Internet.

Why is this important ?

Cybersecurity is important because government, military, corporate, financial and medical institutions collect, process and store unprecedented amounts of data on computers and other devices. A significant portion of that data may be intellectual property, financial data, personal information or other types of data that may be adversely affected by unauthorized access or disclosure. All data can be protected using cyber security techniques.

Types of Cyber Security

  • Network security
  • Application security
  • Endpoint security
  • Data security
  • Identity management
  • Database and infrastructure security
  • Cloud security
  • Mobile security

Privacy can be questioned when hackers break security systems. Cyber security experts are working against data theft. This plan should include both the processes and technologies needed to create a mature cyber security plan. In an ever-growing field, cyber security best practices need to be developed to accommodate the increasingly sophisticated attacks by attackers. Cyber security measures to a well-educated and security-minded employee site provides excellent protection against Cyber criminals who attempt to access your company’s sensitive data. “We are protected by cyber security in everyday life.”